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How AR campaign enhance audience engagement?

AR campaigns lead audience to immersion, interaction and involvement; that's how actual engagement happens but virtually! Your campaigns are no more limited to viewership, the target audience becomes part of the AR world that you invite them to!

How is AR experienced?

AR content is generally delivered through apps and web technologies that are easily accessible in a common person's smartphone. The campaigns generally use QR codes printed in their banners, billboards, posters, boxes, etc. to let the user scan and experience AR on their mobile phone.

What are the AR marketing channels?

AR campaign can be rolled out on social media platforms, OOH, television, print, or anywhere you can put a QR code. More than 85% of world population owns a smartphone which is ~7 billion people eligible to experience AR campaigns.
Your AR campaign has the potential to reach 2B+ Instagram and 750M+ Snapchat MAUs.

Traditional V/S Hyperreal Media

Traditional Media:

  1. Blends with other media and may be ignored by your audience.
  2. Feels one-directional to your audience.
  3. Difficult to measure ROI, engagement and conversion data.
  4. Slow to adapt to changing market trends or audience feedback.

Hyperreal Media:

  1. New, unique and memorable experience instantly drives brand desire.
  2. Feels bi-directional and immerses the customer in the campaign.
  3. Digital analytics provides comprehensive insights.
  4. Can be updated quickly to make every minute impactful.

What is Hyperreality?

Hyperreality is a concept which blurs the line between real and digital worlds. AR furniture example Augmented Reality (AR): Overlays digital elements onto the real world through your smartphone or smart glasses. Think trying on virtual furniture in your home or apparels on yourself. VR example - Smiling girl wearing Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality (VR): Creates a completely immersive virtual environment that you can interact with using special headsets like Meta Quest or HTC Vive. Think exploring fantasy worlds, attending virtual events, or hands-on learning. Meta Horizon World Metaverse: A future concept of the internet that combines aspects of AR, VR, and XR to create a persistent, interconnected virtual world where people can work, play, socialise, and more.

Vintage car breaking through road-side billboard

Immersive Advertisement

Turn heads, capture hearts with ads that are felt!

Make every touch with your audience an unforgettable experience by transcending traditional boundaries that redefines brand engagement.

Instagram filter development

Click, Click...everyone is your influencer!

Build your brand's social presence with bespoke Instagram filter effects and games that'll have your followers rolling in the digital aisles.

Animated teen girl clicking picture using a instagram filter
AR ballerina tearing through a poster pasted on a wall

Interactive AR posters

Posters that POP!

Transform mundane posters, flyers and banners into interactive spectacles. Our posters aren't just hanging around; they dance, sing, and tell stories simply through the lens of a smartphone camera.

AR enhanced e-commerce

Shopping experience like actually never before!

Provide your customers with an immersive shopping, letting them visualise products in their own space or virtually try-on before making a purchase.

Neon coloured shoes floating in a room viewed through a smartphone lens
3D miniature luxury house on top of a business visiting card using Augemented Reality

AR business cards

Make connections that stick!

Our Augmented Reality business cards seamlessly blend the physical and virtual worlds to showcase your brand in a unique and memorable way. Impress with every hand you shake!

Meta Spark Studio Snap Lens Studio Unity Unreal Engine Blender

Why You and Us?

Innovation Our team of visionaries and technologists bring your ideas to life with unmatched creativity and technical expertise.

Beyond Ordinary We don't just follow trends; we set them. Be a trendsetter with our Hyperreal experience services.

Imagination turns Reality We're not just tech enthusiast! We turn your wildest ideas into hyperreal wonders. It's like having a genie but without the awkward three-wishes limit.

Positivity in Pixels Every project is a canvas, and we paint it with positivity. Brighten your brand and dazzle your audience with our positive vibes!

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